Selected Publications

Tiefenbeck, V., Wörner, A., Schöb, S., Fleisch, E., Staake, T. (2018)
Real-time feedback promotes energy conservation in the absence of volunteer selection bias and monetary incentives. 
Nature Energy.


Hopf, K., Sodenkamp, M., Staake, T. (2018)
Smart Meter Data Analytics for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector.
Electronic Markets (forthcoming).

Tiefenbeck, V., Goette, L., Degen, K., Tasic, V., Fleisch, E., Lalive, R., Staake, T. (2018) 
Overcoming salience bias: how real-time feedback fosters resource conservation. 
Management Science, pp. 1458-1476.


Hauser, M., Günther, S. A., Flath, C. M., Thiesse, F. (2017) 

Designing Pervasive Information Systems: A Fashion Retail Case Study. 

International Conference on Information Systems 2017, Seoul, South Korea, December 10-13.

Scherer, M., Haubensak, O., Staake, T. (2015)

Assessing distorted trading incentives of balance responsible parties based on the example of the Swiss power system.

Energy Policy, 86, pp. 792-801.

Paefgen, J., Staake, T., Thiesse, F. (2014) 

Evaluation and aggregation of pay-as-you-drive insurance rate factors: A classification analysis approach. 

Decision Support Systems, vol. 56, 2013, p. 192-201.

Loock, C., Staake, T., Thiesse, F. (2013)

Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior with Green IS: An Investigation of Goal Setting and the Role of Defaults.

MIS Quarterly, vol. 37(4), 2013, p. 1313-1332.

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