Selected Publications

Weigert, A., Hopf, K., Günther, S., Staake, T. (2022)

Heat pump inspections result in large energy savings when a pre-selection of households is performed: A promising use case of smart meter data

Energy Policy 169, 113156.


Tiefenbeck, V., Wörner, A., Schöb, S., Fleisch, E., Staake, T. (2019)

Real-time feedback promotes energy conservation in the absence of volunteer selection bias and monetary incentives. 
Nature Energy 4(1), pp. 35-41.


Sodenkamp, M., Wenig, J., Thiesse, F., Staake, T. (2019)

Who can drive electric? Segmentation of car drivers based on longitudinal GPS travel data.
Energy Policy 130, pp. 111-129.


Schopfer, S., Tiefenbeck, V., Staake, T. (2018)

Economic assessment of photovoltaic battery systems based on household load profiles.

Applied Energy 223, pp. 229-248.


Hopf, K., Sodenkamp, M., Staake, T. (2018)
Smart Meter Data Analytics for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector.
Electronic Markets 28(4), pp. 453-473.

Tiefenbeck, V., Goette, L., Degen, K., Tasic, V., Fleisch, E., Lalive, R., Staake, T. (2018) 
Overcoming salience bias: how real-time feedback fosters resource conservation. 
Management Science, pp. 1458-1476.


Paefgen, J., Staake, T., Thiesse, F. (2014) 

Evaluation and aggregation of pay-as-you-drive insurance rate factors: A classification analysis approach. 

Decision Support Systems, vol. 56, 2013, p. 192-201.

Loock, C., Staake, T., Thiesse, F. (2013)

Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior with Green IS: An Investigation of Goal Setting and the Role of Defaults.

MIS Quarterly, vol. 37(4), 2013, p. 1313-1332.

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